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About Visionary Author Dr. Margareth Reed

Dr. Margareth Reed Is well known locally and internationally for her abilities to move the audience with her contagious vivacity, whether it’s through her Singing, Coaching or Speaking. She is an inventor, an author, a speaker, a coach, a mother, a preacher, an apostle, and a business woman. She has her own business named MR Enterprises Biz, LLC. & Reed’s Artscademy

  • Personal, Business and Ministry Branding
  • Book writing Academy & Publishing

She is a sold out spiritual leader sent to: Establish the Kingdom of Elohim on Earth. Equip, Train, Strengthen Ministers, Clergy & their ministry. She grew up in a Christian family where she learned how to serve God at an early age.

She is an ordained Pastor, Apostle, and a Chaplain.

She is the founder of Ruach International temple of prayer, Inc. and ESLC-Equipping Spiritual Leaders and Clergy a ministry school to equip ministers, and strengthen their vision with spiritual strategies to be efficient and effective in business, life, ministry, and the marketplace. Read Full Bio

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