About Dr. Margareth Reed

Dr. Margareth Reed is The Brandologist & Anthologist behind this brand and many others.

She is well known locally and internationally for her abilities to move the audience with her contagious vivacity, whether it’s through her Singing, Coaching, or Speaking. She is a medical inventor, an author, a speaker, a coach, a mother, an apostle, and a businesswoman.

The CEO of  MR Enterprises Biz, LLC.

The parent company of multiple entities providing various services in the arts.

  • Corporate Branding
  • Products Development
  • Personal, Business and Ministry Branding
  • Book Writing Academy & Publishing.

She is here to “Enhance, Empower, Equip leaders” with strategies to be efficient and effective in business, life, ministry, and the marketplace. Read Full Bio

Dr. Marie O. Etienne

Discovering Your True Gifts and Purpose

A Forward By Dr. Marie O. Etienne

25 Women Breakthrough Testimonials- Volume I & Vol II Authors.

Dr. Ruth Doriscar-Cook

Dr. Suzette Kelly

Dr. Dawn Piper

Alexandra Joseph

Jennifer Booker

Luwanna Riles

Rachel Tourgeman

Carmen Cardova

Dr. Katsia Cadeau

Dr. Fayola Delica

Olajide Wilkerson

Dina Monperoux

Rosaire Oliver

Yamilee P. Brice

Antoinette S. Jennings

Dr. Patricia Hollingsworth

Paule Medgelie Levigne

Chapter 1 – Delpha Clarkes Samuels

Chapter 2 – Farah Rene

Chapter 3 – Maria Hidalgo-Diaz

Chapter 4 – Carmen Cardova

Chapter 5 – Sheri Marie Timmons

Chapter 6 – Linda Guillotti

Chapter 7 – Rose Perrier-Tonico

Chapter 8 – Sylvia Chavez

The Women Breathe Again Products- Books, Clothing, Accessories, Hair & Beauty.