HAIR GROWTH SMALL SET 2.7oz (Includes Hair Growth Cocktail and Hair growth Mask)


A powerful blend of herbs and oils created with you in mind to heal the scalp from dandruff, fungus, inflammation-causing hair loss. Focused to restore, heal and bring life back to your mane in 2.7 oz each bottle to last you a few weeks.

We on a mission to #HealHer Crown, her glory. #NoMoreHairLoss #WomenBreatheAgain  

Hair Growth Mask is to be used before wash, saturate the hair with product, then wash your hair, you can use any shampoo, but it’s best if you use WBA shampoo.

Wash and set as usual. Use the grease on the body of your hair

Then before bedtime, take a few minutes to use the cocktail on your scalp.

Comb for ends to roots carefully.

Take your time with your hair, protect your ends they are the one to give you length.

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Cheers to long, beautiful, strong natural hair.