About Me

About Dr. Margareth Reed

Public Speaker • Published Author

Personal Brand Development Expert • Holistic Life Coach

Hey there, welcome to my site, I am glad you are here, so let me share a little about myself and what I do.

I am a Public Speaker, Published Author, Personal Brand Development Expert, and Certified Holistic Life Coach.

I serve a diverse global community through Speaking Engagements,  Book Writing, Personal Branding, Holistic Life Coaching, and Soul Purpose Activating.

I am passionate about empowering and helping entrepreneurs succeed to tap into their calling and purpose.

As a public speaker my goal is to inform you, inspire you, and entertain you while delivering my message. Should you need a speaker for your upcoming event, conference, summit, and retreat, please fill out the application below.

As a Holistic Life Coach, I use three approaches to serve you during our coaching sessions: I Enhance, Empower, and Equip you with strategies to develop you, your story, and your brand.

1 Enhancing you is helping you improve the qualities, skills, talents, gifts that you already have to increase your value.

2 Empowering you is helping you make bolder and more confident moves to walk in authority in your field, we start with your story.

3 Equipping you is preparing you for success using calculated steps.

During our projects together, I help you with strategies to overcome stagnancy, stop self-doubting, be intentional, and succeed in targeted areas of your life.

I am result oriented so together we want to achieve measurable goals.

I work with women who have overcome major challenges in their life such as domestic violence, sexual trafficking, molested, raped, or overcame illnesses, lost a child, and are now ready to share their stories and build their own brands. I promote holistic healing, hope, and wholeness.

I am the CEO of MR Enterprises Biz, LLC. and The Women Breathe Again Network, Inc. helping countless women find their purpose, overcome trauma, build their brands, create their products, start their coaching, speaking careers, and more.

Enough about me, let’s find out what your needs are today, and tackle them right on.

Please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you should you need me to speak at your event.

It’s really an honor to serve you!

Talk to you soon,

Dr. Margareth Reed