About Me

About Dr. Margareth Reed

Dr. Margareth Reed is The BRANDologist & Anthologist behind this brand and many others.

She is well known locally, and internationally for her abilities to move the audience with her contagious vivacity, presence, personality, and positive energy, whether it’s through her Speaking, Coaching, or Singing.

She is a Medical Inventor of two products for Breast MRI Tesla Magnet.

She is a Best-Selling Author, Multilingual Speaker, Mother, Apostle, Life & Branding Coach helping others Build Big Bold Brands & Merchandises.

The CEO of  MR Enterprises Biz, LLC. A multi-entity company providing services in the Literary Arts: Personal Branding, Coaching, Marketing.

  • Personal Brand Development
  • Products Branding & Packaging
  • Book Writing & Publishing

The CEO and visionary of The Women Breathe Again Network, Inc. Coaching and helping women build their brand using their personal story, and publish it. She is the creator of the Luxurious Organic Hair, Skin Care line, Holistic Products, and accessories for Women and their well-being.

She is here to “Enhance, Empower, Equip Leaders” with strategies to be efficient and effective in business, life, ministry, and the marketplace by creating Exquisite Brands. Read Full Bio